Orange Drip

small orange abstract paintingI purchased this little painting–it’s 11″ by 9″ overall–at the Stormville flea market a few years ago. It was laid out on a tarp with other artwork, none of which interested me.

I hovered as discreetly as I could manage while a potential buyer squatted down in the early morning grass and gave it the once over, then asked the seller for a price. Apparently twenty was too much, and he drifted off. I wasn’t entirely convinced myself.  Buying stuff for a living is often a struggle between buyer’s remorse and non-buyer’s regret. This time I let the gut response rather than a more considered calculation guide me and I sidled on over and ponied up.

The poor man’s Pollock hung in various places around the store, but nobody wanted to pay $60 or $80 or whatever paltry sum I was asking. Finally I figured the heck with that and took it home.  It has a bedroom wall to itself, and I notice it more often than not. It sure makes me happy. I love the Molteni orange background.

I’ve had art that was by “listed” artists and “worth” something, and I always felt compelled to sell it to pay the bills. Once another small time dealer, more nervous and jumpy than he normally is, brought me a few thousand in cash in a paper bag for a couple of  damaged paintings by a Polish artist from the 1940s. (When someone brings you an ultimatum and a bag of cash for something, you can safely bet that whatever you’ve got in your hand is worth a lot more than what’s in the bag.) Other pieces just  got snapped up quickly. Every now and again I sneaked something home for myself.

At this early juncture in the life of Absolute Galore, I’ve decided Thursdays will be art day. I mostly won’t have much to say on art day because, well, you all know what a picture’s worth.

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