The Earth is Blue

cosmonaut yuri gagarinThe other night my partner Stephanie and I went to the 3-hour breastfeeding class given by our birthing center. It wasn’t all just latching and double electric breast pumps. We got a poop color chart to help us read the diaper droppings. A poop with the consistency and color (I almost said taste!) of Gulden’s mustard is what good parents everywhere shoot for.

We eventually got off the poop and back on the breast, naturally. We learned about the womanly art of breast feeding. Lots of mothers are doing it. They say it  makes your kid smarter, and it has antibodies. It’s certainly hard to deny the bonding possibilities. A formula baby myself, as the class went on I started to wonder how I grew up capable of doing my own laundry without the benefits of my mother’s teat back in the day.

I learned breast fed babies poop a lot more than formula fed babies.  But not to worry, the poop doesn’t smell bad at all. It’s breast milk poop!

Sometimes I get ahead of things.  I imagine having conversations with the kid a day after he pops from the womb about girls,  sports, the philosophy of life, and why people should never, ever talk on a cell phone while driving, even if they have a hands-free device.  I guess there are a few poopy diapers to change before we get to that stage.

While I wait for a chat with someone able to control his bowel movements, I’m going to frame this Soviet poster of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, for the nursery. Yuri flew into orbit on April 12, 1961, on the Vostok 1. He was in space for an hour and 48 minutes. Gagarin died in a jet training crash in 1968. He was 34.

I bought the poster along with a few others from a guy who occasionally stopped by my old shop to buy or sell. This one I wasn’t too eager to let go, and I finally took it home when I closed up for good.

As soon as I unrolled it the other day, Steph fell in love with it—she lived in Moscow for a few years in the early nineties, and suffers from a mild case of Russophilia. Some posters are just posters, but this one of those that qualifies as a work of graphic art.

“The Earth is blue. [...] How wonderful. It is amazing.”
—Gagarin, to ground control.

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