Richard Rupchuislias painting 196727Paintings can be fun to buy, especially fresh off the street. You never know when you might hit it big. The picker who brought me this one picked it up in front of a house where, years earlier, he scored one of his best finds.

I first heard the story as one of the other dealers in town related it. He told of painting he bought from a picker for a hundred or so that ended up fetching several thousand on eBay. When he saw the picker again, he mentioned that the painting had done pretty well, and the picker said, “Oh, maybe I should have taken the other one, too.” Years later, I became friends with this picker, and he related a cautionary tale about how he sold a painting once for way too little, the dealer even banging him down on the price. Much later he found out the dealer made thousands with it on eBay.

This is a small painting, roughly 11″ by 12″, signed on verso Richard “Rupchuslias” or something like that.  It’s dated 1967, and you can certainly see the influences of the heavy hitters of the day. It appears to be gouache on board. It’s a bit muddled, but it does have an attraction, which may explain why many looked and none bought when it was offered for sale at my old store.

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