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Mad Men Blues

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

geometric print from J Walter Thompson collectionI haven’t seen Mad Men yet, the television show about a 1960s ad agency, mostly because I don’t have TV service due to my addictive nature. Apparently, even most people with TV reception don’t watch it. But most of us read about it, as it’s become the darling of the punditocracy as well as your everyday TV critic.

This geometric silkscreen has a connection to a real-life advertising agency, a giant of the Mad Men era. A label affixed to the back of the print with masking tape reads J. WALTER THOMPSON ART COLLECTION across the top. Typed on one of the lines below is Miss Guffey’s Office X3054. According to the label, this piece of artwork was acquired on August 10, 1970.

This was another thing that inexplicably never sold at the Iron Fish Trading Co, my old store on Main Street. I have a second similar print by the same artist, identified only as Gaul on the back label, the same as the pencil signature on the front.

We are going to hang them in the nursery, which will be painted in a blue like the blue in this print. The rooms in our house are painted in shades of white. Not so much to show off the art, but to keep the light and shadow pure. That’s mostly my taste, executed pre-relationship. Steph wanted to paint the baby’s room. Blue is the baby boy cliche color, but I like this electric blue.

Weird coincidence: Yesterday’s post featuring a Sesame Street character and today’s mention of Mad Men come together in this somewhat unexpected scenario.