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It’s A Jar

Friday, August 21st, 2009

jar with homemade cleaning pasteSince she’s been pregnant, I’ve been haranguing my partner Stephanie about the avoidable dangers of cleaning products for the home, and how, using vinegar and a few other non-toxic, inexpensive ingredients, we could save money, be safe and get the house just as clean.

I was surprised when, several days after one of our (rarish) cleaning expeditions, complete with harangue, a box arrived at our door full of empty spray bottles and screw top jars, all rendered in unadulterated, pure, clear, plastic.

Part of me protested that ordering a slew of containers over the Internet to package your homemade cleaning products was not fully in the spirit of hardcore DIY. I had in my mind an idea of rinsing out used up commercial product containers and refilling them with our homemade recipes.  I was about to do this at any moment, in fact.

But I could not deny that a certain satisfaction can be derived by putting something or other in a nice clean jar and labeling it with a fancy custom label. I believe it may be a variant of the human emotion engendered by running around the office supply store, grabbing organizers and folders and pens and paperclips.

I briefly and half-heartedly tried to make a case for the financially nonsensical feasibility of the plan, but I couldn’t get hard numbers—after further inquiry I was only able to narrow down the expense of the jars and bottles and labels to  “less than fifty dollars.” Anyway I was still getting over the fact that a harangue had actually produced a result of any kind.