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Chalk One Up

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

chalk boardI have several personal-size writing slates, but through benign neglect this is now the only one without a cracked slate.  F.B.CHILD 1857 C.H.S. is  engraved in the top piece of wood.

You can write on both sides.  The slate is slightly cold to the touch; the wood frame feels warm in comparison.

Not having been to school in almost 30 years, I was unaware that the big chalkboards in the front of every schoolroom had been phased out. No more cleaning the erasers, either as punishment or teacher’s pet.

The individual slate boards were before my time. I wonder if, when hand-held slates were newfangled, adults worried children were spending too much time doodling on them. At least kids back then didn’t use the device while driving—or walking.